The Trials and Tribulations of Single Parents

The United Nations states that single parents make up an average of 24% of households globally. Being a single parent is a struggle. Single parents face many issues that they face alone, such as financial problems, social stigmas, social isolation, and lastly, raising children by themselves. 


Finances and Poverty

Finances and poetry is a struggle for single parents. Single parents must provide for themselves and their children financially, whilst also solely taking care of their children’s well-being, without any aid that comes from having a partner. Many struggle with daycare and babysitting fees, as they have no one to look after their child while they work. Unemployment then becomes an issue. 20% of female single parents and 8% of male single parents are unemployed. Without financial, emotional and social support, single parents suffer greatly from poverty and making ends meet.



Unfortunately, there are social stigmas around single parenting. Stereotypes of single parents being broken families, poor, and inadequate to be a parent change the way single parents are viewed and treated. Many research interviews revealed that single parents felt isolated as a result, judged and shamed. These stereotypes are not true. Every family is different, facing different challenges. We must respect and support families, regardless of whether they are single parents or not.


Challenges for Children 

Not having the full support of both parents, being shared in custody, or living with the loss of one parent can be difficult on the wellbeing of a child. Due to financial struggles, social judgement and other trials, children may face certain challenges. Never think that children of single parents will not succeed or are different than those with both parents. All children are deserving of equal opportunities in life.


Social Isolation

Between balancing jobs, taking care of their children and other responsibilities, it can be hard for single parents to face these challenges alone. Having others around to help can take away daily stress. It is important to maintain close social relationships with supporting friends and family to help you through the trials of being a single parent.


Life Decisions

As single parents, life decisions and responsibility falls onto their shoulders alone when it comes to their well-being and their children’s well-being. It can be difficult to navigate through life without another person’s opinion or experience. Single parents should get social support and advice from close friends and family whenever possible. If this is not available, there are many support groups available to help. 


There are many trials of being a single parent. Here at One Parent, we seek to empower single parents and their kids through financial, counseling and on the ground support so that they may live healthy, dignified and fulfilling lives. Learn more at 



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