One Parent

Single-parent households and orphans face unique challenges which often go unnoticed. To address this void, Humaniti is dedicated to providing comprehensive support through our One Parent Program.


Our Mission


Single parents are under immense pressure with all household and financial responsibilities on their shoulders, and 84% of them are women. Statistics show that children from single-parent households are more prone to developing psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse, and they are less likely to pursue education.


This program provides critical support globally through food for mothers and their children, education for orphans, shelter for mothers and children fleeing domestic violence or seeking asylum, and more. Locally in Canada, we work with individual case studies to address each family’s unique concerns.


Humaniti is bringing support and opportunity to these disadvantaged households so that single parents and their children have access to basic necessities and are set up for success.


Together we supported 1,627 single-parent households in 2023


Financial support: 571

We empowered single-parent households with financial guidance.


Housing support: 343

We restored a sense of security for single parents with a stable place to call home.


Childcare support: 297

We relieved the burden for single parents by enabling access to supervised childcare.


Counselling support: 272

We made single parents feel seen, heard, and equipped with tools for their mental well-being.


Legal support: 144

We helped single parents navigate complex legal processes with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Different single parent families have different needs. We provide single parents with a wide range of free programming that’s customized to their situation and needs.

Where does my donation go?

We offer financial support (housing, food, clothing, personal development) and counselling services to provide the economic and mental health bedrock for improving lives.

How do I know where my donation is going?

Follow us on social to follow your donation!

I am a single parent and I need help. How do I apply?

Apply at

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