Rescue Yemen

The United Nations has declared the situation in Yemen as a global humanitarian crisis.



Our team is on the ground in Yemen offering urgent aid in the form of relief kits, clean water and food to help the people in Yemen. We can save the children and their families, but we need your help.


Yemen has been declared the world's largest and worst humanitarian crisis, with more than 24 million people* – some 80 percent of the population – in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children.


More than 20 million people** in Yemen are experiencing food insecurity; 10 million of them are at risk of famine. The situation seems to be getting worse and not better as Yemen enters its sixth year of a brutal conflict - and now facing a devastating pandemic.


The people of Yemen are subject to the turbulent conditions in the region. Internal conflict and military actions have created a state of disorder and chaos. The Yemeni people suffer from a lack of basic items and necessary medical supplies.


The current circumstances have made drought and famine inevitable in the near future, according to experts. Many relief camps are overcrowded and under-supplied.


The number of active schools and hospitals has dwindled due to conflict, disuse and lack of supplies. Many children do not have access to education and medical aid.


Our partners are working hard to maintain a prominent presence in the region.

Our teams are supplying the victims of the conflict with food security, medicinal needs and educational provisions. We are offering a complete annual package to children in dire need of support.


This is an urgent plea to contribute towards effectively supporting the people and help give relief where needed.


Your help is a big part of making a big change in the world.


Life in Yemen is horrendous, especially for children. You can help save a child.


Please donate generously.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Yemen?

Yemen has been declared the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and with the current pandemic - there is a chance that Yemen may be completely wiped off the map. After years of conflict, a broken economy, an unfortunate health system, a cholera outbreak, famine … it’s clear that the people of Yemen are in dire need of help.

How do we know our money is going to the people of Yemen?

We’re working directly with the people of Yemen - our partners are in Yemen right now providing relief, food and clean water, and they’ve been doing so for several years.

What are you doing in Yemen?

We’ve partnered with a few grassroot organizations to help the people in Yemen. Some are providing emergency relief kits, which include food items and clean water - others are providing fresh hot meals and bread baked daily. Different people in Yemen need different levels of help - but the truth is: they all need our help.

How do I know where my donation is going?

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