Gaza Relief

Humaniti is collaborating closely with our partners to swiftly deliver emergency humanitarian aid to innocent civilians who are cornered in an unfolding catastrophe in Gaza. 

We’ve been working tirelessly to provide critically needed water, food, hygiene, sanitation, and medical supplies, but more assistance is urgently required.


Significant portions of Gaza's infrastructure, including crucial water and sanitation systems, have been reduced to rubble during escalating violence. Water production has dwindled to just 5% of normal levels. As the safe water supply diminishes rapidly, the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks and extreme hydration increases by the minute.


This initial phase of life-saving aid from Humaniti has been instrumental in addressing the needs of some of the thousands of families who remain trapped in a war zone with limited or no access to essential necessities. 


The intensifying situation requires significantly more assistance, and it’s through your donations, and your generosity in this moment, that a meaningful difference can be made.

Together, we can bring the relief they so desperately need in Gaza right now. 


🥖 Food
💧 Water
⛺️ Shelter
🙏 Blankets
🚑 Medical Aid


Please make a donation today. Even the smallest contribution will be the answer to someone’s prayers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know where my donation is going?

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