A shortage in skills is costing the economy billions of dollars.

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Thrivers is a social enterprise that turns jobseekers into qualified rockstars.


A big reason for the unemployment rate is that many demographics like immigrants, youth, single mothers, and refugees haven’t been trained in the skills needed for the roles available.


Thrivers is an agency that empowers people who are experiencing barriers to employment with everything they need to find a rewarding career. 


At Thrivers, we facilitate training and certification across a range of industries including logistics, construction, and cyber-security, and we help applicants secure placement at industry-leading companies.


People who complete our training courses are driven to succeed and grow. They’ve tackled challenging situations, and they’re motivated to level up their station in life. They’re go-getters who are actively building skills and hungry for opportunities to give it their all.


We help companies empower their workforce with a diverse range of skills and perspectives.


By partnering with Thrivers, you can strengthen your team while making a truly meaningful contribution to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. You can also explore corporate responsibility grants to further your ambitions for social good.


​​The more donations we receive, the more people we can put on a path to success.


When you become a Thriver donor, you’re providing a practical education that builds valuable skills, a sign of support for equal opportunity employment, and a chance for someone to have a better life.


“It’s amazing to witness how this organization helps people take truly meaningful steps forward in their lives.” Thrivers donor


If you’re new to the country or the workforce or need a hand-up into a better career, our program will get you thriving. We do more than find people jobs. We’re creating success stories and raising the tide to lift all boats.


Contact us to learn more about becoming a Thriver, a Thriver Partner, or a Thriver Employer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Thriver?

Our program offers training for a variety of industries. You choose a line of work and our experts teach you the skills to be an asset in it. Once your training is complete, we’ll connect you with an internship opportunity to build your real-world experience. Whether it’s through the internship or another opportunity, the majority of our thrivers are hired soon after graduation.

How much does the program cost?

We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to be a Thriver, so if you need help with program costs, you can apply for a subsidy during the enrollment stage.

What do I get as a Thriver employer?

Not only will we strengthen your team with trained talent, but we’ll also create content for your website & social media channels that documents your involvement and explore public relations opportunities to highlight your company’s active commitment to social good.

Is the training credible?

To successfully train people for the workforce, expertise is essential. That’s why we partner with the best instructors to ensure our students are developing tangible, sought-after skills.