Poor healthcare is ending millions of lives too soon Together we must end the global healthcare crisis

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Help Humaniti provide free medical aid globally through our partners on the ground


Shorter lifespans, infant mortality, & preventable diseases are all realities of poor healthcare access. Help us strengthen healthcare systems in the most vulnerable parts of the world and build a better future for global healthcare.







Humaniti is working to create a world where everyone can access the healthcare they need, when they need it.

  • Delivering equipment
  • Setting up clinics
  • Treating patients
  • Supplying medicine
  • Leading wellness initiatives
  • Building sustainable systems
  • Providing orthopedic surgeries





Medical Equipment That Saves Lives


Many Palestinians wait months for urgent healthcare, due to equipment shortages. With our partners, Humaniti is providing medical equipment for a newly established operations room in Al Aqsa Hospital. This will enable the treatment of 3,000 cases per year, and it will save lives, especially cases that require immediate attention.


Healthcare For An Overwhelmed System


The ongoing conflict in Gaza has killed and injured scores of innocent Palestinians. It has also led to inadequate infrastructure and closures of health facilities, leaving thousands unable to access basic healthcare, including those injured due to conflict. With our partners, Humaniti is providing medical items to 3 hospitals in Gaza, supporting 9,600 Palestinians and counting. Please help us reach more people in need.


Mental Health Support for Children


70% of children in Gaza suffer from depression. Conflict has caused children and adults to suffer PTSD, anxiety and ADHD. Humaniti is raising funds to support mental health-related activities through schools, health clinics, and other means in Gaza. Counselors provide psychosocial support, individual & group counseling, and awareness sessions for families. Donate to help us heal the traumatized children.

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Medical Aid for Flood Victims


33 million people have been displaced by floods in Pakistan. 35% of Pakistani children live in poverty, with limited access to healthcare and greater chances of dying from a curable disease. With our partners on the ground, Humaniti has administered medical aid to thousands of displaced flood victims at campsites across Pakistan. But so many more need our help.


More Healthcare Initiatives


With our partners, Humaniti is launching a new mobile healthcare clinic in Somalia, and we need donations for equipment, supplies, and medicine. We’re organizing sports tournaments in Kenya for a well-being initiative that will impact hundreds of children. Your donations help us extend the reach of these activities. We’re expanding access to therapy and healing resources for single parents in Canada, and your donations will help us bring even more parents the support they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why healthcare?

All over the world, people are in dire need of assistance. Almost 100 million people a year are forced to choose between food and healthcare, according to WHO. At Humaniti, we believe that healthcare is a basic human right. We envision a world where no one goes untreated; where everyone can access healthcare, medical assistance, and medication when needed.

How do we know that our money is going towards free healthcare programs around the world?

We’re working directly with our partners who directly provide aid healthcare services to the countries that need it most, such as Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Palestine, and Syria. Our partners are on the ground right now providing healthcare aid, and they’ve been doing so for several years.

What are you doing to help healthcare?

We’ve partnered with a few grassroot organizations to help people without access to healthcare across the globe. Some are providing free access to healthcare through hospitals and clinics, while others provide on-the-ground assistance to those in need. Services include mental health, cancer treatment, primary care, maternity services, senior care, pediatric services, and deaf services.

How do I know where my donation is going?

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