The Butterfly Cares

Our world is losing its mind. Billions are suffering from poor mind health and we must join forces to reverse this crisis.

What is The Butterfly Cares?

The Butterfly Cares is an organization that raises awareness and funds to address the worldwide mind health crisis. They channel funds to provide care for those who suffer from PTSD, brain injury, depression, and anxiety. The Butterfly Cares recognizes that poor mind health affects everyone and we must work together to help people out of their cocoons.

Our global state of mind is suffering greatly.

War, climate disasters, political division, and living costs are challenging our mind health more than ever across all ages and cultures. Our society has reached a moment of reckoning and our approach to global health must change. We have a plan to change it.

How does Humaniti make a bigger impact on mind health?

Unlike single-cause operations, Humaniti has a diverse impact through our network of mind health charities & agencies. All funding supports a broad range of efforts and enables a more holistic impact across organizations, continents, and cultures.

Mind Your Mind

“We each have one mind, are all part of one Humaniti, while we all share the same DNA.”
- Paula Connor, Author, Mind Your Mind Series

What impacts Mind Health?

Various factors can affect Mind Health. Trauma, loneliness, grief, stress, and physical illness can contribute to poor mental well-being. Moreover, several social factors can influence Mind Health. These include:

      • Discrimination and stigma 
      • Poverty, debt, and social disadvantage 
      • Homelessness and poor housing 
      • Adverse life experiences 
      • Poor education 
      • Food insecurity
      • Water insecurity

Our programs provide transformative care for:

      • First Responders
      • Veterans
      • Single Parents
      • Victims of War & Disaster
      • Orphans
      • BIPOC
      • Youth
      • Refugees
      • Indigenous Peoples

A healthy mind is a human right

Parents need healthy minds to raise their children. Children need healthy minds to grow strong and lead us into the future. Mind health is essential for all of us, but billions are struggling without support.

Mobilizing the greatest health movement in history!

Improving mind health on a global scale will transform our world exponentially, and if we band together with this common goal, we have the power to achieve it.

Our Goals

      • Improve the mind health of individuals, communities, and whole societies
      • Work with companies who share our ambitious vision for change
      • Leverage our combined resources to spread our impact further

Humaniti mind health programs have brought hope to 140,000 beneficiaries and with your help we can reach millions more

We need the support of companies who want to make a real impact on the health of humanity. Our sponsors are here to facilitate unprecedented change with us.

Will your brand be a part of history?


Now is our moment. We must come together to reverse the global mind health crisis before we reach a point of no return. It’s in our power as capitalized organizations to deliver hope and care on an exponential scale. 


Will you seize this opportunity to leave a massively meaningful legacy?

It’s our responsibility to lead this revolution


Billions of people worldwide are suffering from anxiety, depression, and trauma, and those numbers will only rise if we don’t act now. We have the tools and resources, we just need support from companies like yours. 


Become an agent of change. Become a mind health sponsor today. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help?

Paula Connor can help you address your manage your stress and anxiety. Go to to learn more.

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with nonprofit and non-governmental organizations all around the world to help us with relieving mind health issues. Your donation will be used to help bring mind health relief to families and entire communities around the world.