Pakistan’s Water Crisis

In our modern world, it’s hard to believe that people still lack important elements for basic survival. However, a look around the globe suggests that many more people are struggling than we think.


Pakistan is one such place, where basic survival needs are not always easy to come by. Specifically, their water crisis appears to be worsening, and is estimated to continue on this trend until 2040 — when complete water scarcity becomes reality.


What’s Causing the Water Crisis?

There are many factors contributing to the worsening water crisis in Pakistan. Some say that one reason is the wealthy residents: it’s speculated that those with more money (and political influence) are taking more than their fair share of water from the Indus River.


Other reasons for the shortage include climate change, population increase, ground water depletion, poor efficiency and management of water systems, and lack of acceptable storage for the water that is available. These factors combined are causing Pakistani residents to be denied a basic human right: drinking water that is clean and safe to consume.


How Does This Affect Pakistani Residents?

Lack of drinking water is a health hazard waiting to happen, as humans require clean water to survive. The less available water there is, the more health issues will begin to arise. Also, protests will likely occur as they have in the past, causing unrest in society and likely worsening the issue.


Lack of water also affects crop yield, as plants also need water to survive. This will not only contribute to food shortage, but exports will also decrease, affecting the country’s economy in a negative way. 


What Can Be Done?

There are several tactics that could be used to potentially solve this issue for Pakistan and other water-stressed countries like it. These include initiatives such as sea water desalination plants, rainwater collection devices/plants, and water conservation tactics.


Also, improved irrigation systems, construction of water reserves, and water awareness campaigns that involve residents can all contribute to the improvement of the water crisis. Combining as many helpful resources as possible will provide a muti-source approach to a situation that has been allowed to continue for far too long, allowing the people of Pakistan some relief from this stressful way of life.   

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