Innocent Syrian Families are Freezing

When a country is at war, the result is often the same: innocent families suffer for the arguments of others. A decade of war only exacerbates this fact, which is what the families of Syria are currently going through. 


When conflict is combined with a pandemic, the results are even more catastrophic. Water shortages, failing health systems, and drought conditions only add to the already taxed economy, which is causing Syrian families to go without many basic human needs.


Why Are Syrian Families Freezing?

Due to the large numbers of displaced people as a result of the decade-long conflict, harsh winter weather threatens the health and safety of many families. Living in makeshift shelters instead of warm homes subjects displaced families to cold weather exposure, depriving them of a basic human right: safe, warm shelter.


Though much conflict has resolved in Syria, it continues is many frontline areas, leaving families to face the winter without homes or proper shelter. Tents are not warm enough to keep the cold out and are often damaged due to snowstorms, leaving people essentially defenseless against the freezing cold weather.


What Can Be Done?

Syrians need humanitarian aid more than ever. Funding for relief organizations will help to provide proper shelter, food, and healthcare to families that are going without their basic human needs being met. 


Foreign countries can help the people in desperate need of aid through these humanitarian organizations, which in 2022 totaled two thirds of the Syrian population. Children and families need food, water, and healthcare in addition to shelter, so supporting Syria’s depleted healthcare systems is a vital component of this aid.



Living in a country that has been in conflict for so long is devastating enough without having to endure additional crises. Lack of food, water and healthcare along with exposure to the elements due to lack of sufficient shelter are all parts of Syrian families’ reality, which can be reversed with help from foreign governments.


Helping the families of Syria is critical. Not only for the families themselves, but also for the country to rebuild its economy, healthcare systems, and ability to provide basic needs for the survival of its residents. 

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