Humaniti’s Impact In Gaza

Our Work


Clean Water


Humaniti is using its network of partners, technology and manpower to fill the void of clean water in Gaza, where it is desperately needed.


Clean water for people in Gaza: 860,000

Our partners’ systems provided a clean water source for almost 1M Gazans in desperate need.


Cups of water from tanks for people in Gaza: 3,000,000

We supplied 45 tanks that are bringing relief to many communities across the war-torn region. 




The immense need for medical aid and healthcare in Gaza is unimaginable. Humaniti is working around the clock to support medical facilities that will reduce needless suffering globally.


Medical facilities to heal Gazans: 3,000

We constructed a new wing in the Al Aqsa Hospital to treat thousands of cases annually.


Trauma support for orphans in Gaza: 25

We’re providing a year’s worth of holistic support for their physical and mental well-being.


In the first several months of the war, we were able thousands of. individuals and children in Gaza with hot meal. As the conflict rages on, countless Gazans wait in hunger, we plan to continue our efforts once access to Gaze is reestablished.
Hot Meals for Families: 9,500 individuals supported
Hot Meals for Young Children: 2,000 children supported
Shelter and Winter Relief
Recognizing the urgency for shelter in times of hardship, our joint initiatives have successfully provided robust shelters and necessary supplies, ensuring that families have a place to sleep and be protected against winter condition.
Gaza Community Center Support: 6,000 individuals impacted.
Rafah Border Assistance: Shelter and supplies to support families:
  • Tents: 20 provided, offering immediate shelter.
  • Blankets: 100 blankets distributed to retain warmth.
  • Mattresses: 100 given for improved rest and comfort.
  • Pillows: 100 allocated for additional support.
  • Additional Aid: Continuous supply of firewood, hot meals, and clean water to meet basic needs.
Gaza Blanket Distribution: 2,120



Education is the gateway to opportunity, and everyone deserves to grow their knowledge, gain skills, and thrive. Humaniti is ensuring that the vulnerable children in Palestine have access to education that will transform their future.


Students supported: 500

We delivered school supplies to bright, young minds in Palestine who are eager to learn and grow.


Palestine Crisis


Palestine has been a core focus for Humaniti for years. Our team is consistently looking for effective ways to provide support through emergency relief, medical aid, healthcare facilities, orphan protection, clean water, winter clothing, hot meals, shelter, and more.


Raised spirits during Ramadan

We gave Iftar meals, eid clothes, and food packs in Al-Quds, Gaza, and surrounding regions.


Brought relief in the first week of crisis

We were on the ground immediately delivering blankets, clothes, food, water, and hygiene kits


Nourished as many displaced people as possible

We brought food and essential supplies to shelters in Gaza City, Al Rimal, Al Shati Camp, and Al Naser.


Facilitated urgent healthcare and healing

We supported the Al Kuwaiti Hospital, Al Shifa Complex, with medical supplies, equipment, and medicine.


Supported victims of the Jenin crisis

We provided medical supplies, food vouchers, and other essential items to those affected.


Brought hope to recovering survivors

We delivered ready-to-eat meals and dignity kits to Al Aqsa Hospital, Jabalia, and Deir al-Balah camps. 

Our Partners:


Action for Humanity


Human Concern International


 Gift of Kindness Inc

 Palestine Children’s Relief Fund



In the midst of the current volatile situation in Gaza, the logistical challenges of delivering aid to the region are undeniable. However, Humaniti operates on a collaborative and partnership-driven model, enabling us to work alongside organizations with a longstanding presence in Gaza, predating the recent conflicts. Humaniti maintains a network of reputable partners, registered charities, NGOs, and trusted organizations, to facilitate the efficient delivery of aid to Gaza. Our operations in Gaza began before the full blockade was imposed, as we initiated partnerships with four organizations which were already operating within Gaza, procuring items from local suppliers. Humaniti then began working with another trusted partner organization which had an inventory of food and non-food items in their warehouse in Gaza as well as a water well that is being used to provide water. At this time, none of our aid is getting in, but we are working with a handful of organizations that have been allowed by the Israeli government to bring in aid through the Rafah border. Thus, Humaniti has established a process which allows us to provide aid in Gaza despite the blockade.


Essential supplies in Gaza are currently running out, posing a critical challenge that Humaniti is working to address. Our dedicated partner, leveraging the efforts of local aid workers, is actively engaged in procuring fundamental resources that are available to extend vital support. At this time, supplies are very limited, and in some cases, we have run out of aid. A substantial portion of our supplies, including crucial items such as pallets of medicine, remains in anticipation outside the Rafah border. Humaniti has initiated preparations for tents equipped with essential provisions specifically tailored for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have been able to enter Egypt. Despite the existing challenges, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering timely and indispensable aid to those in need in any capacity we can.


Since the recent conflict in Gaza began, we've been actively providing a variety of essential items, adapting to the evolving needs and restrictions. Initially, we started off by providing hot meals, drinking water/water tanks, medicine, medical supplies and equipment, fuel, flour, more hot meals, blankets, mattresses, clean water sources, emergency shelter, and medical supplies for local hospitals. When the borders closed, our supply availability became limited, especially in terms of fuel, medicine, and medical equipment. However, we continued providing important assistance like hot meals, cash vouchers, a limited supply of water tanks, blankets, hygiene kits, winter clothes for kids, and community meals to feed a large group.


Your generous contributions are used to invest in projects in Gaza in collaboration with our partners on the ground. Our partners have been procuring items from local suppliers and, in some cases, using their own stores from their ongoing work within Gaza to provide aid. Humaniti also has a truck with a substantial amount of aid on standby, waiting to enter Gaza.


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