Türkiye-Syria Earthquake


Over 3,800 Dead from Earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian Border The Death Toll Expected to Increase.

The situation


More than 34,00 people in Türkiye & Syria were dead Monday and the number was expected to rise after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and a series of violent aftershocks destroyed thousands of buildings along the Turkish-Syrian border.


Over 5,000 buildings have collapsed and thousands are still under the ground crying for help and are tweeting their last words. Thousands are displaced.


What are we doing to help?


With our partners on the ground, Humaniti will help to provide the following items:

🥖 Food
💧 Water
⛺️ Shelter
🙏 Blankets
🚑 Medical Aid


Our team is closely monitoring the situation on the ground with our partners.

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