Afghans Are Struggling to Survive

Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban — a fundamentalist organization that imposes strict rules and refuses to allow Afghans the freedom to vote. Since the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan has fallen into poverty, with many of its citizens struggling to meet basic needs for their families.


Once a country that relied heavily on foreign assistance, Afghanistan has lost much of this aid. Because the governments of other countries have difficulty negotiating with the Taliban, Afghanistan’s people continue to suffer.


Why Can’t Foreign Aid Reach Afghanistan?

With the Taliban in control, the US and other countries like it are having a hard time providing aid. This is due to the violent disposition of the fundamentalist group, as well as the fact that the US was at war with them for over two decades.


The abuse that the Taliban inflicts on the people of Afghanistan is something that no foreign country is willing to enable, which is largely why the funding and aid that was once provided to Afghanistan has been unavailable.


How Does This Affect the Afghan Way of Life?

Afghans are suffering, plain and simple. From lack of jobs to insufficient healthcare and widespread food insecurity, much help is needed to get this nation back on its feet. The political issues occurring are hurting innocent families that just want to provide food, shelter, and basic necessities for their children.


Just 2% of Afghans are fortunate enough to have food to feed their families, while over 3 million children suffer from malnourishment due to food insecurity. These issues are the result of combined factors, including widespread drought, inflation on basic food items, and the lack of aid from foreign countries.



Afghanistan is on the brink of a catastrophic break down, with wide-spread famine growing more likely each day. Children and families are suffering due to a political environment that has nothing to do with them, and foreign aid is desperately needed to reverse this crisis.


If some form of compromise could be reached, perhaps Afghans’ suffering could be lessened. However, with the Taliban in control, foreign countries’ hands are tied to help those that need it the most: the residents of Afghanistan. 

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